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  • Design Approach

    There is so much to consider to have good landscape design it should be environmental sustainability and adaptability. We work closely with the owners to meet their satisfaction.

    Beyond the aesthetic considerations of a project, we always make sure that the project are permissible. We always developed excellent working relationships with the City and Building Departments and we always do some research to understand the particular constraints on development that will affect the site.

    For outdoor spaces such as swimming pools, patio, terraces, walks, perennial gardens, pergolas, driveway design etc can be added as well to enhance the functionality and beauty of your outdoor room. It can also add recreational opportunities and focal points to your garden.

    Our goal is to design a beautiful, well-functioning and lifelong landscape.

    Features Available:

    • Master Planning
    • Planting design & installation
    • Patio, terraces, walks
    • Swimming pools
    • Perennial gardens
    • Pergolas, trellises
    • Tennis courts
    • Driveway design
    • Irrigation and lighting
    • Walls, grading, earthwork
    • Drainage facilities
    • Horticultural maintenance
    • Custom BBQ and outdoor fireplaces


    To have a beautiful and decorative landscape, Newman Lawn Care Inc will personally choose or select your plant materials and professionally installed them on your site. All our trees and shrubs are properly inspected.

    We also install irrigation system to save your time, you don't have to drag hoses and moving sprinklers and it's more efficient than watering with a hose.

    After installing a new landscape, make your home glow with lighting. It is the most rewarding part of the project, it gives beauty at night. And we will make sure to provide efficient lighting system and will accomplish vision with budget.